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Boris Admina Atchoughou Director General A WORD FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR « To make the Gabonese Customs a modern, efficient and virtuous administration, at the heart of the economic recovery »

Dear Internet users, 


In my capacity as Director General of Customs and Excise and on behalf of the entire Administration, I welcome you to the Gabonese Customs website.


In the era of digitalization and dematerialization, the diversification of information media is of great importance in the communication strategy of our administration.


This platform aims to allow individuals or legal entities (licensed customs brokers, economic operators, importers and exporters regular or occasional ...), national, regional or international entities, technical and financial partners and all users of the part of the public service that is our competence, to learn about our missions, our procedures, our results and our various activities.


Let us recall that, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Recovery, the Gabonese Customs carry out missions:

  • Fiscal: by the liquidation of customs duties and taxes on the import and export of goods;
  • Economic: by the accompaniment and the assistance to the economic operators;
  • Particular: as regards safety, protection and assistance to other administrations, controls related in particular to health, hygiene and public safety, the protection of fauna, flora, cultural heritage. This is to ensure the strict application of public policies in this area and compliance with the regulations applicable to cross-border movements of goods, while facilitating legal trade.

To effectively carry out these missions, a three-year strategy 2021-2023 has been adopted. This strategy is structured around four (4) axes:

  • strengthening organizational and functional capacities; 


  • optimizing the mobilization and securing of budgetary revenues; 


  • modernizing technological operating tools; 


  • the management of the international supply chain. 

This strategy is in line with the course we have set through our ambition and vision of "Making Gabonese Customs a modern, efficient and virtuous administration, at the heart of the economic recovery".


To achieve this, it is imperative to have a relevant organization and functioning that will allow us to adapt, not only to national and international requirements, but also to adjust to the socio-economic changes that are taking place as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis. 


In this respect, information and communication technologies (ICT) have become one of the main determining factors of our societies and constitute realistic solutions. Advances in these technologies have opened up new possibilities and opportunities through a wide range of applications, especially in commerce and transportation.


We have seized these opportunities with our new ASYCUDAWORLD automated customs system, which is an optimal tool, guaranteeing speed and allowing for better acceptance; in addition, it is practical for the implementation of the instruments of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Trade Facilitation (ATF).


Today, the use of ICT is an important tool to balance the interests of different stakeholders and it is therefore important for a customs administration to have its own website in order to improve its communication. Through this important communication tool, we intend to


  • Increase the visibility of the administration; 


  • Be searchable; 


  • Offer a modern facilitation support to operators/users; 


  • Be interactive; 


  • Automate certain tasks. 

 Finally, I would like to address the social partners and all customs personnel, as this platform is also yours. Please be assured of my availability and my open collaboration so that together we can achieve the development objectives of our country.


I therefore appeal to the sense of duty and the values of "Honor and Dedication" of all agents of the Gabonese Customs Administration for the modernization of our working environment. The many challenges and reforms that await us should make our administration one of the locomotives of our economy and thus be in line with the enlightened vision of the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Ali BONGO ONDIMBA.


The modernization of our working tools, the speed in the processing of files, the improvement of communication and the circulation of information between the different levels of our organizational structure are challenges that we will have to take up in collaboration with all the actors of the logistic chain.


Dear Operators,

Dear Partners,

Dear Internet users,


I could not end this introductory word without expressing my gratitude for the interest you have shown in our website. Please know that we will strive to update it regularly in order to best meet your expectations as we wish to continue our efforts and raise the image and reputation of Gabonese Customs.


I wish you the best possible use of this web portal of information on the Gabonese Customs Administration, for your continued satisfaction.


Pleasant browsing!


Boris Admina Atchoughou

Director General GDCID

As a key economic player in the promotion and development of cross-border trade, Gabonese Customs plays an active role in the State budget.  


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