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Moving to Gabon

Duty and tax-free admission of effects and objects in use making up the personal furniture of foreigners moving to Gabon, or nationals returning permanently.


Documents to be produced:

  • A customs declaration under the "Personal Effects" regime;
  • A certificate of change of residence issued by the municipal authority of the place of departure;
  • An inventory dated and signed by the municipal authority of the place of departure, of the effects and movable objects constituting the removal and covered by a certificate by which they declare on their honor that these effects and objects are in use and belong to them for at least six months.

These documents must be drawn up at the time the persons concerned leave their residence abroad and must be endorsed by the Gabonese Consul in that country.



  • Stocks of raw materials or semi-finished or finished products;
  • Motor vehicles, motorcycles, aircraft and sports or pleasure boats.

The preferential regime is exclusive to furniture presented in a complete state and in relation to the social situation of the importers. 
The move must take place at the same time as the change of residence.



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